I just came back from Sabah yesterday. It was a very tiring journey up there in the aircraft. Seriously Air Asia sucks when it comes to comfort. The seats are tiny and I can barely sleep well on it. Maybe it's a matter of my body size, but why should I care? I paid enough. Plus, the stewardesses don't suit my taste. Only one out of four of them caught my eyes.

Actually my boss sent me there just to do some simple wiring activity. By saying simple, I mean it is a very simple one. Just 3-pin 13 Ampere plug wiring and connect them to the server UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and get them grounded. Luckily, we don't have to involve the distribution board or else it will be a very big problem. Described below is the guide to standard 3-pin 13 Ampere plug wiring.

Wondering how a server UPS looks like? Here it is. Not too heavy but the battery can weight up to 100kg.