Hi all.
A quick update for my blog. Yesterday I googled about CPU-Z for Linux distribution and hoping there's an alternative for that kind of software I could use in my Xubuntu, and I found this tiny little apps called CPU-G that is quite similar to CPU-Z but a little less in detail. However, it's worth installing. Here's a screenshot of GPU-Z running on my PC.

So i guess you all can already figure out what information provided by this piece of application based on my screenshot. As for now it comes in beta. I don't know if they're still under development or discontinued. So to install this here come the instruction:

1. To install using .deb file

Download this .deb file and double click it (my Xubuntu automatically try to install it through Ubuntu Software Center when clicked on). and just click on "Install" button. You may also run a terminal session, cd to the appropriate directory where you saved the .deb file, and type in sudo dpkg -i <filename.deb>. Either one will have the same results.

2. To use CPU-G as portable executable application

Download this tarball file and extract it. Run a terminal and cd to the extracted folder where you can find a python script named "cpu-g" and then run this command:

sudo ./cpu-g

The GUI of that application should appear instantly. But I would prefer installing it to the system and save the trouble finding the executable script in the future.

This application depends on PyGTK 2.10.0 and python glade. So to make it run you should be having that two already installed on your system or you'll end up seeing no instance of CPU-G launced. To fix this just download and install that two python stuff by running this command in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install python python-gobject python-glade2 util-linux

I did upload the files to my Mediafire in case the links to the original ones are dead. The password is "biborn"

Stay tuned for more. Bye.