After about two months using my Mac, I suddenly felt that my Mac is running slower. Its not that slow like Windows, but it's not as fast as the first day I'm using it. Actually I can tell that this drop in performance will probably caused by my SSD because i never trim it since the first use.

I have a Kingston SSDNow V200+ installed in my Mac mini and TRIM is not supported because this is an after market SSD and Apple only support TRIM for the SSDs come preinstalled in the Mac.

This problem however is no more a big deal since there are several third party apps that can enable trim for after market SSD just like mine. I chose an app from Oscar Groth called Trim Enabler. This app has reached version 3.1.3 at the point of this entry written and it works nicely and I really recommend it.

After installing this app while still not turning it on, I ran a benchmark for my SSD and really shocked with the result. Refer the image below:

This result shows how bad is my SSD's performance and this is unacceptable. No wonder my Mac mini ran noticeably slow. So, I decided to run the patch to make my SSD trim-able. After applying this patch, you'll need to restart your Mac. Then again, I run the benchmark and here's the result:

This new result is better and acceptable. Now the SSD will no more holding me back. Trim Enabler has several more functions to be checked out. Refer these images to find out. I can assure you that this little app really worth the money you spent for it.