At the point of writing this entry, Sublime Text has reached build 3059. I installed this awesome little program and accidentally hide the menu bar and this action is irreversible, at least not by pressing shortcut keys or right clicking.

Luckily we can show the menu bar again by using this script:

# ~/bin/ - Show/hide Sublime Text 3 Menu
if [ "$1" = "true" ]
        then echo "Turninng ON menu_visible"
elif [ "$1" = "false" ]
        then echo "Turninng OFF menu_visible"
        echo "Nothing changed! Use true or false as argument!"
        exit 1
sed -ri "s/\"menu_visible\": [^,]+,/\"menu_visible\": $1,/" ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local/Session.sublime_session

The script is easy to use. Just save it as and put it anywhere you want. Of course you can use other naming convention but make sure it is descriptive.

To show, the menu bar, just run the script as follow:

sudo sh true

To unhide the menu bar, you can simply change the property to flase instead of true but I'll just use the menu bar for that.