This is not really a review but I would like to say a few words about this custom ROM. Please note that I just got my hands on this phone 3 days ago and this is the first custom ROM installed in my OnePlus One.

The installation went very smooth. I unlocked the bootloader, flashed TWRP custom recovery (I really love this one and been using it since 4 years ago), flashed the latest OnePlus One firmware dated 15th May 2015, flashed the ROM zip file, and finally flashed the TK Mini Modular GApps. No hiccup along the process.

This is a nightly build and by that I am aware that this ROM might have some bugs that will soon be fixed. Before that, I'll just have to live with that. The ROM is quite smooth. I end up using the new Trebuchet launcher instead of my all time favourite Google Now Launcher this time and after 3 days, I am still using it and never think of replacing it for the mean time.

There are some bugs that is bothering me.

  • Proximity sensor 

There is something wrong with the proximity sensor. Whenever i place a call, the screen will be totally blacked out and not going to turn on again until i pressed the power button. Thus, I'll have to use the power button to end the call. I really don't feel comfortable with this and  hope this will be fixed soon. I end up disabling proximity sensor in Settings and also in dialler apps.

  • Mobile networks (GSM, 3G and LTE) using too much battery
Whenever i turn off airplane mode, the battery will drain like hell. I am not sure what is causing this. Might me wakelocks I think. But I  don't have a good coverage at home so I'm fine with turning on the airplane mode and just use wifi.

However, when turning the airplane mode on, I got a pretty decent battery life and managed to get more than 9 hours screen on time (SOT). Refer pictures for proof.