As salam thank you pd yanie sbb bg buku soklan ljm n medication book.

Soklan LJM about personal space ade dlm buku yanie bg kt i hehe..

Soklan dye lbey kurang cmni la the appropriate distance for nurse giv health education and it is called ?

jwpn dye :personal space le kiki..

Personal space ni ialah - appropriate space for giving health education.. cm pendidikan kesihatan about the suitable food during prenancy,the important of imunization n etc..

-Distance of personal space ni ialah 1.5-4.0 feet

-So the distance from patient not too far or too cloz

-In thiz distance nurse voice tone moderately can be hear by patient

-Nurse also can touch the patient, in nursing world we call *therapeutic touch*-to calm n giv support to patient.