-Salam kali ni nak share pasal DISEASE CLASSIFICATION & DEFINITION.

Acute – A disease that have rapid onset ,last relatively short time & self limiting.
misalnya chickenpox.

Choronic - Disease yg mempunyai salah satu atau lebih cirri-ciri dibawah :-
1) Is permanent (kekal).
2) Leaves permanent disability (kecacatan/ketidakupayaaan yg kekal).
3) Causes nonreversible pathophysiology.
4) Require special training of the client for rehabilitation(pemulihan)
5) Requires long period of care.

Communicable – A disease that can be spread from one person to another.(boleh merebak).

Congenital - A disease or disorder that exist at or before birth.(cam kecacatan sejak lahir lah)

Degenarative – A disease that result from deterioration of impairment oragn tissues.(kerosakan tisu organ)

Functional – A disease that affects function and performance but not have manifestation of organic illness.

Malignant – A disease that tend to become worse and causes death (berpontensi jadi lebih teruk) mcm kanser.

Psychomatic – A psychologic disease that manifested by physiologic symptoms.(sakit mental)

Idiophatic - A diasease that have unknown cause.

Latrogenic – A diasease that cause by medical theraphy.ex radiation theraphy.