-Percussion is a method of tapping on a surface to determine the underlying structure, and is used in clinical examinations to assess the condition of the thorax or abdomen. (Wikipedia).

-Percussion is act of striking the body surface to elicit/produce sound or vibrations that can be felt. (Fundamental of nursing).

-Ketuk bahagian badan untuk detect bunyi atau getaran.

-Percussion ialah salah satu drp 4 methods of clinical manifestations iaitu:inspection (lihat), palpation (cam tekan kt kulit) & auscultation (gune stethoscope).

Percussion ni ada 2 jenis iaitu:

1)Direct percussion

2)Indirect percussion

-Direct percussion -

uses only one or two fingers.

- Indirect percussion –

1) middle finger of nondominant hand (tgn yg x brape kiter gune cgt) referred/also known as “ pleximeter ”

2) Pleximeter is placed firmly on the client’s skin.

3) Only the distal phalanx & joint of the finger should be in contact with skin.

4) Using the tip of flexed middle finger of other hand called “ plexor ”
The nurses strike the pleximeter.

5) The motion comes from wrist the forearm remain stationary.

6)The angle between plexor and pleximeter is 90 degrees.

7) The blow must must firm,rapid & short to obtain clear sound.